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Software consultancy that has helped startup founders, public figures, and innovative companies create winning digital products.

Turn your idea into a product people love.

Our development process helps:

  • FIRST-TIME FOUNDERS create development-ready prototypes.

  • ENTREPRENEURS & INNOVATORS build high-impact digital products.

  • INDUSTRY LEADERS navigate their company's digital transformation.

  • FAILING PROJECTS get back on-track and on-budget, in record time.

Hello, We’re Silver Glade.

After working closely together for nearly a decade, Asher Lewis & Joshua Johnson founded Silver Glade in 2011 to help entrepreneurs & industry leaders build winning digital products.

Our company's first website headlined: Creative Ideas, Intuitive Solutions, Practical Strategies, and Dynamic Results. With those principles, we’ve rung up some pretty cool success stories.

Some of our Success

  • From prototype to million-dollar corporate training platform in 1-year.

  • From idea to award-winning startup healthcare company.

  • First ever million-dollar horse sold via live online auction site/app.

  • EdTech startup now educating 1.2 million students in 30+ countries.

  • Multiple startup acquisitions, and more ....

How we can help

  • APP STRATEGY & ROADMAPS - Feasibility Research, Prototyping, UX/UI

  • WORKFLOW AUTOMATION - Digital Transformation, Real-Time Data

  • SOFTARE ENGINEERING - Strategy, Research, Development Services

  • RESCUE PROJECTS - Performance Reviews, Project Management

We live in Texas. We work everywhere*.

It is 2021, after all.

We serve clients all across the country, from coast-to-coast.

Our Live Development process and "virtual stand-ups" keep everyone focused on results. Projects stay on-track and on-budget without needless, time-sucking meetings – no matter where you homebase. *boots optional

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